The Specialised Researchers in our Controversial Activities Screening (CAS) team look for information on companies in order to identify and assess involvements in a range of activities widely considered controversial, such as weapons, fossil fuels, pornography, tobacco, and 13 other areas. Unsurprisingly, this often means looking for information on activities that companies prefer to keep away from the public eye, concealed in the small print or greenwash in their publications.
As member of our team you will put under your magnifying glass corporate websites, annual reports, sustainability reports and other sources for evidence of involvement. Creativity and a detective’s mind are our most useful skills.
Your investigations will take from 20 minutes for the simplest companies to one day for the largest and most diversified conglomerates. But on average you will be expected to research and update between 5 and 10 companies a day.
One of the key skills we look for is the ability to work autonomously, with discipline and self-motivation to cope with the high pace of the research and the responsibility to produce high quality research.
Eager to learn, your daily job will provide you with the opportunity to discover companies’ practices and the full scope of their activities, and to understand how our clients use our data to inform their SRI strategies.


Description du poste

Under the direction of the CAS Product Manager, your main responsibilities will be to:

- Collect, review and summarise all relevant available information and documentation on the themes and companies under your responsibility

- Evaluate companies’ involvement in controversial activities

- Develop, transmit and share expertise.


To succeed in these assignments, you will count on:

- Your excellent proficiency of written and spoken English, with analytical, synthesis and composition skills

- Your understanding of and strong interest in ESG / CSR issues

- Your ability to collect and manipulate quantitative and qualitative data and your ease with technical document research and information organisation

- Your accuracy, eye for detail, organisation, rigour and method

- Your ability to work autonomously and respect deadlines, balancing production volume expectations with quality (time management)

- Your team spirit, communication and good listening skills

- Your eagerness to learn from your own mistakes

- Your knowledge of Microsoft Office Package (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), ideally with proven ability to manage large datasets in Excel


The knowledge of areas traditionally covered by negative screening criteria and a good working knowledge of other languages would be much appreciated but are not required.

Lieu de travail



Vigeo Eiris (V.E) is a global provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solutions. 
Our mission is to equip the market with the ESG insight to perform financially and better address their social and environmental impact. 
Every job in the company matters and participates to that ambition.
With the momentum provided via our affiliation with the Moody’s group, we are looking to further strengthen our Controversial Activities Screening team, within the Specialised Research division.



Please apply by submitting to a resume, a cover letter (no more than 20 lines) demonstrating your qualification and interest for the job. The cover letter is really used for pre-selection.



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Aurore Prieur -

Chargée de recherche spécialisée senior - Activités controversées


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Vigeo Eiris


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